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A.I.T Credit Services Inc, is dedicated to providing the most effective and cost-efficient collection service available.

Our staff receives ongoing training and implemented continued educational reinforcement to enhance our effectiveness. Additionally, our technology is continually updated to improve our performance to obtain the highest recovery, while maintaining good relations with our client.


For over 30 years, A.I.T has strived to improve our clients overall cash flow. With this type of dedication it is no wonder that A.I.T has a higher recovery rate than the industry norm. The approach to the collection of delinquent accounts differs somewhat from agency to agency. A.I.T recognizes that financial difficulties are sometimes temporary. Treating your customers with dignity and respect coupled with good judgment and professionalism increases the bottom line. Each case is handled in a tactful, professional, yet results-oriented manner.

What makes A.I.T. so special?

Our recovery rate is one of the highest in the industry, over 35% higher. That's because we treat every claim as if it was our own and more importantly we initiate the collection process within 24 hours of receipt of a claim. As a result of our professional approach, A.I.T guarantees a substantially greater return on your accounts receivable while maintaining and preserving the reputations of both your company and ours. For further information or to discuss a program designed for your needs, please contact us.