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[How it works]

Direct Connection with 3 Major Credit Bureaus

Our firm prides itself on its ability to service all your credit and collection needs. From credit consulting, availability of credit reports, social security searches, skip tracing, collections and credit services. Our attorney referrals are highly competent and aggressive. We have a direct link with the three major credit bureaus including numerous other data bases to obtain all necessary information. This enables us to serve your account professionally and promptly. A complete collection service, that takes in consideration the need to protect your goodwill and customer relations.

Same Contingency Rates

Our tiered contingency rates provide for no discrimination between large and small receivables. Equitable rates make it economically feasible to work your account; thus realistically resulting in larger net recovery to you. We are unlike the typical agency or collection attorney, promising low rates and fees to obtain your business and then ignoring your smaller accounts. We are structured to collect all debts, large or small and provide the greatest overall recovery ratios.

Credit Bureau Reporting & Delinquency Notices to Debtor

We presently utilize more than four dunning notices, in addition to investigative letters and specific notices for particular accounts. We do not charge for reporting delinquent accounts to the credit bureaus. Each debtor will receive the absolute necessary amount of contact both live and automated, using our highly successful methodology to facilitate the collection. Our techniques are unsurpassed when it comes to our dunning system and recovery program.

Multiple Account Management

Our computerized system allows us to keep abreast of your delinquent accounts. We do not allow debtors to fall between the cracks. Our immediate acknowledgment report coupled with our monthly status reports will keep you fully informed as to how the collection or legal case is progressing. We at A.I.T. expect to be held to the highest accountable professional standards. Our phone lines are always open for inquiries, so please feel free to call. We will always respond courteously and promptly.